DevOps Automation

Accelerate Your Deployment Faster Than Ever

Skilled DevOps Automation team

DevOps Automation Services

Our skilled DevOps teams have built up an impressive amount of experience in integrating operations and development using the latest DevOps techniques: Gradle, Jit, Jenkins, Bamboo, etc. The services we offer in DevOps enable businesses to benefit from the security of their operating environments, decrease time to develop, and enjoy speedier feature releases.

Build Configuration and Automation

Our DevOps team develops and implements various software automation tools that work with various platforms, including Java (Maven, Ant, Gradle, etc), .NET (NAnt etc. ), Mobile applications for Android and iOS, Node.js , and many others.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Our DevOps team has extensive experience in the development and implementation of Continuous Integration (CI) as well as Continuous Delivery (CD) to help with software development. Utilizing the top CI platform (Jenkins/Hudson) as well as orchestration instruments (Ansible Chef, Ansible, etc. ) can help us enhance our software’s quality as well as provide an improvement in the time to deliver.

Release Management

Gohil Technologies’ DevOps developers were successful in the creation of processes for managing release releases, establishing connections with all teams involved, and providing extremely efficient collaboration channels between them. This includes implementation of VCS, Project Management systems as well as releases and Planning Systems.

Monitoring and Back-up

We have a DevOps team that will assist you to take a proactive approach in support management. This reduces downtime and increases the customer experience. This can be accomplished by monitoring the infrastructure and anticipating future changes by making use of tools like Zabbix, Nagios, Graphite, NewRelic, etc. Backups are essential since it allows for efficient and rapid recovery of infrastructure.

Third Party Software Complexes Installation

Additionally, our DevOps team is responsible for establishing and operating third-party solutions, like Relational database systems, NoSQL databases Version Control Systems Artifact repositories and messaging brokers, search platforms web and application servers Bug tracking, project management systems, among other systems.

Ideas in Practice
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We develop software infrastructure

We assist in monitoring

Software infrastructure, whether local or cloud-based, requires monitoring maintenance, support, and improvements over time. Gohil Technologies DevOps engineers assist in monitoring, maintenance, and support. Gohil Technologies DevOps engineers help in solving issues related to resource optimization, shifting the load, and altering the size. They also aid in the development, configuration, and support for secured environments and remote settings and security suggestions.